TopoONE: As Flexible As Any Crisis Demands customers operate more efficiently as they minimize both adverse impacts and recovery times during critical events.

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TopoONE is the next-generation critical event management platform that provides the adaptability and control sought by security professionals. Armed with the ability to choose any intelligence needed and easily adjust selections at any time, agile security teams identify, assess, and respond to known and unforeseen threats in real time.

Security teams configure their common operating picture based on roles and responsibilities to sharpen focus. They leverage patented AI-powered automation to exclude noise, automatically escalate critical events, and communicate rapidly.

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With the TopoONE platform, we’re empowered by choice and flexibility. Many of the critical event management platforms I’ve encountered are simply too complex and too rigid to effectively support our needs in a dynamic risk environment. With TopoONE however, we immediately adapt and respond as new threats arise.