Manage Incidents From Intake Through Investigation

TopoONETM Incidents lets you manage the complete spectrum of security incidents, from simple cases to complex investigations
TopoONE Incidents

Manage all security incidents in one system

Security teams face an expanding set of incidents, some anticipated and some unforeseen. TopoONE Incidents streamlines and ensures consistency in all phases of incident management, regardless of the incident type.

This highly adaptable system supports complex incidents such as catastrophic weather events and criminal investigations, as well as simple incidents such as vandalism and minor injuries – and everything in between.

Configure TopoONE Incidents to match your needs

Organizations have different needs depending on their risks, their regulations, and their internal processes. TopoONE Incidents provides security teams with unmatched flexibility and control over managing physical security incidents.

Choose from a variety of intake channels, including employee conversations, hotline/tip line calls and reports, threat intelligence alerts, email, and more. Include supplemental evidence such as interviews and documents. Integrate your preferred third-party alerts and investigative solutions. Include checklists and SOPs to ensure an efficient and compliant incident management process. Configure workflow, checklists, tasks, forms, and fields based on incident type.

Choose end-to-end incident management or an integrated CEM platform

TopoONE Incidents is available as a standalone solution or fully integrated with the TopoONE common operating picture.

Choose the standalone solution for a fully featured incident management system for any security event. View incidents as part of an activity timeline or in map view. Create dossiers on individuals and organizations. Assign specific tasks to individuals, teams, or organizations. Incident information, tasks, and other data is captured for audits and after-action reviews.

Combine TopoONE Incidents with the common operating picture for the most comprehensive platform to manage physical security risk. Create incidents from alerts with one click. Gain and leverage deeper analytics and insights to identify recurring risks and create corrective action plans.