security and risk management platform

Our versatile security and risk management platform helps companies filter out the noise and focus on true threats by providing situational awareness and incident response protocols on a single pane of glass. The security and risk management platform is highly configurable to your organization’s needs, risk profile and response protocols.

We integrate and display all your risk alerts alongside your locations, assets and personnel with contextual information on an interactive map. With a few clicks your analysts can:

  • Determine threat signal proximity to assets
  • See critical intel for nearby locations
  • Quickly establish a common operating picture

We empower your analysts to respond within moments with a uniform triage workflow. All the information they need is at their fingertips so they can:

  • Triage, watch or clear alerts as needed
  • Collaborate effectively with local personnel
  • Seamlessly connect to mass communication platforms and other adjacent systems
  • Avoid operational disruptions

We provide a variety of automated reports related to threats, impacted assets, response times and more. Our integrated analytics module allows you to:

  • Measure and improve team performance
  • Identify and remedy recurring risks and supply chain disruption
  • Examine trends to inform risk management and business continuity strategy
  • Demonstrate the strategic value of the GSOC

We give your team the intel they need to efficiently respond according to standard operating procedures, saving lives and critical time. We deliver the analytics and insights you need to assess team performance and identify improvements. And we empower the GSOC to showcase its strategic value to the organization.

To learn more about our enterprise security and risk management platform, please contact us.