provides a single platform that delivers a consolidated view of all alerts relative to all your physical and human assets in one easy to use global map. allows you to create your alerting workflow so you can assess and rapidly perform situational awareness to deliver superior risk mitigation through a compliant and consistent processes. Automate many processes – such as activity reports – and witness a surge in analyst productivity and effectiveness. Delivering advanced analytics, security leaders can now fully understand their operation and measure impact.

OPERATOR VIEW consolidates risk notification feeds from disparate sources together with your organizational assets. This delivers a common operating picture for the operator to rapidly assess whether a risk is a threat. Using advanced workflow and data handling processes, operators rapidly vet risks and quickly escalate once a risk is deemed a threat.


With 1-click generates a comprehensive view of all risk events and activity reports – by threat, by shift, by risk to type of asset and more – and this automation saves valuable time and money by avoiding manual report generation by operators and security leaders.

DATA INTEGRATION integrates data from many disparate internal and external sources to help security operations manage many kinds of risks. Our extensible platform enables painless connections to data of all types – without lengthy delays and high costs.

  • 3rd Party Risk Notifications (paid) from various partners (weather, terrorism, natural disaster, activism, health risks, crime)
  • Government risk notification feeds (US and abroad)
  • 3rd Party Weather feeds
  • Manually logged risk events
  • Travel Management systems
  • Traffic data
  • Street view data
  • Access Control alarms
  • Shift reports
  • HR systems
  • ERP systems
  • VMS feeds
  • Supply Chain alerts
  • Temperature Sensing alerts
  • Executive Travel feeds
  • IT system alerts
  • Webcam feeds

“ easily integrates multiple data points into a single map, but most importantly, it provides analysts and managers with the ability to evaluate multiple key performance indicator metrics to improve operations and report value-add to senior leaders.”

Tony Rivera • McKesson