Security operations centers for complex organizations have a wide variety of intelligence, access control, incident management and other tools at their disposal – scattered across different screens, systems and logins. This stack of disparate technologies can be cumbersome and difficult to manage, elevating the risk to employees and the enterprise.

But corporate security professionals no longer need to toggle between systems in order to assess and respond to threat intelligence. Cloud-based TopoONETM software combines realtime situational awareness, critical event management and analytics.


For Situational Awareness

The sheer volume of available data sources and systems can create information overload and slow response times for corporate security teams. TopoONE software seamlessly integrates critical risk intelligence and key contextual data into an interactive map to visualize alongside company assets. Security team members can rapidly assess an alert’s severity and proximity to company assets – and determine what actions are required based on a given asset’s location, characteristics and strategic significance to the organization.

Context is critical when evaluating business risk, which is why TopoONE software ingests data from a wide variety of sources, such as: third party threat intelligence, OSINT notifications, weather and geologic incidents, travel management data, ERP and HR systems, access controls and VMS, plus many more.

Key benefits:

  • A single program to visualize your enterprise, including personnel, assets and potential threats
  • Configurable display: select and view only the data you need to evaluate a given risk
  • Seamless navigation between map and dashboard views


For Consistent Team Performance

Corporate security teams are inundated by a variety of alerts from internal and external sources, each with different screens and systems. TopoONE software delivers a simple, uniform workflow and collaborative incident management tools. Security operators and analysts can quickly assess risks and escalate only true threats – then notify impacted locations in just a few clicks.

TopoONE software also provides a detailed look at each incident, including description, category, assigned personnel, attachments such as SOPs and other important information. It also provides a comprehensive record of each incident for a detailed cross-section of how it was assessed and handled by everyone involved.

Key Benefits:

  • Simple, uniform workflow drives consistency & enables cross-functional teams
  • Configurable notification rules based on risk type, proximity to assets and potential impact
  • Coordinated response from realtime collaboration


For KPIs and Analytics

Disparate intelligence, incident management and communications tools often make it challenging and time-consuming for corporate security leadership to assess team performance and communicate it up the chain of command. TopoONE compiles alert and response data to produce performance and business impact analytics.

With one click, generates a comprehensive view of all risk events and activity reports – by threat, by shift, by risk to type of asset and more – and this automation saves valuable time and money by avoiding manual report generation by operators and security leaders.

Key benefits:

  • Assess team response time and other key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Automated reporting: daily summaries provide at a glance view of alert volume and team response
  • Analyze impacted assets to determine ongoing or recurring risks to operations