Take Part in the Security Operations Benchmark Study

We are happy to announce our 2022 Security Operations Benchmark Study. The study examines an array of issues impacting security operations team, including the most impactful keys to success and most persistent challenges.

It’s Quick and Simple to Take Part

We invite you to participate and share your insights on a handful of topics. Your participation should require less than 15 minutes. In exchange for your input, we’ll send you a complimentary copy of the full report, including all summarized data and analysis. We will keep your responses confidential.

We’ll also include a confidential summary of your responses for benchmarking your security operations with the aggregated results. Upon request, one of the study analysts will walk you through the results, discuss the key findings and answer your questions.

You can participate in the study here:

Why We Did It

We created the Security Operations Benchmark Study to research the priorities and observations of the most successful security operations teams. Our goal is to identify and exchange best practices so that all security operations teams can identify strategies that help optimize performance.

Our Partners

The 2022 Security Operations Benchmark Study is cosponsored by our partners at Constant Technologies, LifeRaft, and Regroup. These organizations share our commitment to elevating the strategic posture of the security team. We thank them for their crucial support of this study.