Create Your Own Common Operating Picture Without GIS Experience

The TopoONETM Workbench places the power of location intelligence in your hands

Create, edit, annotate, and share maps in real time

Global location intelligence comes from different sources and formats. Managing it effectively used to require high-level geographic information system (GIS) training – until now. The TopoONE Workbench delivers powerful tools for quickly uploading, customizing, and sharing location intelligence to make it more understandable and actionable. You can map anything with an address or latitude/longitude coordinates. Supported file types include: CSV, SHP, WKT, KML, and GeoJSON.

Design your own situational awareness maps, your way

Static, rigid maps are a thing of the past. The TopoONE map designer gives you total control over how you display assets and intelligence on situational awareness maps. Simply upload the file you wish to map, or select any of your existing data pipelines you want to include. Choose the details you want to display – for example: a given location’s office manager, floorplan, and contact information for onsite security.

Build different maps based on user or group responsibilities – or specific use cases. Customize locations with your company logo. Color-code different types of intelligence so your team can instantly comprehend enterprise security risk.

Publish maps to help your colleagues visualize risk

Physical security risks impact the whole organization, not just the security team. The responsibility to mitigate these risks is often shared with colleagues in business continuity, enterprise resilience, human resources, legal, or other departments. Use the TopoONE map publisher to distribute risk bulletins, provide briefing maps to executives, and clearly communicate exactly where your organization is facing physical security risks. Simply share links to maps that include the intelligence and functionality your colleagues need.