Measure the Business Impact of Security Programs

TopoONETM analytics deliver powerful insights into your security operations

Assess team responses and collaboration

Security teams often lack the data needed to understand their program effectiveness. Alternatively, they must spend valuable time manually combining and manipulating data from different sources.

TopoONE enterprise security analytics deliver a comprehensive view of team activities. Using data from alerts, incidents, and operator responses, you can better appreciate your security team’s activities and contributions. You can examine metrics such as recognition and response times, then use this data to establish benchmarks and key performance indicators. Identify trends across shifts, top performers, best practices, and more.

Analyze impacted assets and recurring risks

TopoONE enterprise security analytics help you understand your risk profile, whether you have a local or global footprint. See which assets have been impacted, and how severe the impacts were, over a given timeframe. Discern patterns of recurring risks that need more robust mitigation efforts. Assess differences between locations or different regions.