The New Standard for the Common Operating Picture

The TopoONETM platform plots risk intelligence alongside personnel and assets on an intuitive and interactive map

Visualize risk intelligence across the enterprise

The world is a risky place. The more people, places, products and partners an organization has, the more security risks it must mitigate.  The TopoONE platform digests intelligence and asset information from many sources and displays it on an intuitive, interactive common operating picture. This includes data from third-party risk notifications, open-source intelligence, access control systems, video management systems, HR and ERP systems, and more.

Context is just a click away. Select any alert or asset to view crucial details ranging from a storm’s severity to the location of an office’s fire escapes. You can quickly gain situational awareness and decide how to respond to a given event. With another click you can use the integrated critical event workflow, based on the alert type and severity.

Create an uncommon operating picture

No two organizations are identical. Different people in the organization require different information to perform their duties. GSOC operators may need a more comprehensive view of all-hazards risk, while executive protection teams may be focused on specific locations the CEO is visiting on a business trip. Colleagues outside the security department also benefit from an enhanced understanding of the risks they face.

Using the TopoONE common operating picture, you design and share situational awareness maps based on job responsibilities, specific use cases, critical events, and business priorities. You can quickly organize asset and intelligence data into different layers, then add or remove data layers as needed. Create as many maps as you need to support your mandate and collaborate with your colleagues. TopoONE maps are easy for non-security personnel to understand. 

Tap into our growing library of shared intelligence

The TopoONE common operating picture includes a growing library of shared intelligence as part of your subscription. This includes industry-leading visualizations of severe weather, wildfires, earthquakes, droughts, and other feeds.

This also includes realtime traffic, nationwide traffic cameras, and state capitol buildings. We regularly add places of interest, including high-risk “threat zones” (e.g., high crime areas) and mapping tools based on country, state, county, municipal, and ZIP code boundaries.

Display the data you choose alongside fixed and in-motion assets to immediately understand potential impacts to your enterprise.

Quickly notify employees of hyper-local risk

A distributed workforce creates a larger risk surface, and many of threats are confined to very specific geographies. COVID-19 provided a clear example of how risk can vary dramatically, even between adjacent regions. Other hazards such as wildfires and extreme weather often follow a similar pattern. It is crucial to understand these risks and rapidly notify impacted personnel.

Using the TopoONE common operating picture, you can quickly select specific personnel and assets by creating a radius, lassoing those assets, or with pre-defined geographic boundaries. Use these selections for targeted notifications with your mass communications system.