Create Reports and Communications in a Few Clicks

The TopoONETM platform automates security reports and strategic communications

Automate the reporting process

Disparate intelligence, incident management and communications tools often make it challenging and time-consuming for corporate security leadership to assess team performance and communicate it up the chain of command. The TopoONE platform automatically compiles alert and response data for a variety of reports and communications, such as SitReps, AARs, and more. You can customize these report templates to match company branding or communication styles. 

Daily summaries provide an at-a-glance view of alert volume and team response. Use this information to analyze impacted assets and recurring sources of physical security risk. This information can help you determine security program priorities.

You can also establish key performance indicators and team benchmarks such as response times, alert volume by analyst and shift, and more. Use these guidelines to measure and improve team performance.

Demonstrate the strategic value of security

Corporate leaders make decisions based on data, but security teams often aren’t empowered to collect this information. Use automated TopoONE reports and analytics to brief stakeholders and senior executives. Guide operational decision-making based on a detailed, data-based understanding of the risks impacting your organization.