One Platform for Physical Security Risk Management

The TopoONE™ critical event management platform empowers security teams across all industries to immediately respond to all risks and critical events. It aggregates intelligence and asset information from many sources for situational awareness and prioritized, coordinated responses.

Much more than pins on a map

The TopoONE platform plots risk intelligence alongside personnel and assets on an intuitive and interactive common operating picture. Click company assets for key contextual data, and click alerts to respond immediately with integrated workflow. Each user’s view is configured based on their responsibilities and permissions.

Manage and investigate incidents your way

TopoONE Incidents gives you maximum control over incident intake, management, resolution, and reporting. Configure workflow, checklists, tasks, forms, and fields to match your organization’s needs and processes. TopoONE Incidents provides the perfect combination of simplicity and sophistication.  

Create a common operating picture without GIS expertise

Our TopoONE Workbench lets you create, edit, and share maps in real time. Our platform gives you maximum control over location-based intelligence and asset information. Map anything with an address or latitude/longitude coordinates. Then customize when, how, and for whom that information is displayed.

Transform risk data into operational intelligence

This is the connective tissue between global security events and your common operating picture. Visualize and manage only the threats that potentially disrupt your operations. Our TopoONE data pipeline manager is a high-speed rules-based data engine that ingests the right intelligence while eliminating unnecessary noise.

Respond effectively, regardless of the event

Critical event workflow is integrated into the TopoONE platform. Assess any event from simple cases of trespassing to threats against executives. Remote team members can collaborate, confirm actions, provide comments, and upload files. Entries are time stamped and audit logged to ensure a compliant and measurable response.

Automate and accelerate the reporting process

The TopoONE platform captures key alert and incident response data to create automated reports for all stakeholders. Distribute situation and incident reports, security response performance benchmarks, plus advisory documents. Analysts can provide branded and formatted documents in just a few clicks.

Measure the business impact of your security program

The TopoONE platform delivers enterprise security analytics for a broad view of security risks throughout the organization. Analyze incident volumes, impacted assets, recurring sources of risk and other key metrics to determine security program priorities.