People Risk Management: The 2022 Insider Threat Landscape

Broadcast January 18, 2022

Insider threats have increased dramatically in recent years. Stress and anxiety brought on by a variety of factors are coming to work with our employees—whether they return to the workplace this year or continue to work remotely. As security teams prepare for insider threats in 2022, a few prominent topics emerge.

Watch this on-demand recording of our informative discussion with Bruce McIndoe and Marcus Carpenter. 

Mental Health Wellness is a significant driver of insider threat. COVID initiated a host of challenges, from depression to isolation to uncertainty. This was followed by the anxiety brought on from social and political malcontent. Adults are facing significant issues in child and elder care and now their buying power is shrinking due to inflation. Security professionals must shake off cognitive biases to understand how the motivations, lack of attention and personal situations are influencing the increased success of breaches brought on by insider threats. This webinar examined three main areas:

  1. Workplace Violence: The Gun Violence Archive reports 885 mass shootings in 2021, 7% happened at the workplace. Find out what your company can do to get ahead of workplace violence incidents..
  2. Political and Social Malcontent are growing factors impacting an organization’s security. In some cases, individuals create vulnerabilities unwittingly, such as interacting with extremists who use them as stepping stones to access an asset. Other times, their actions are targeted, like if an employer’s brand doesn’t align with the individual’s ideology. Identifying patterns trending in cultural philosophies must now be a daily tactic of security teams.
  3. Cyber vulnerabilities are a primary concern, particularly more so as bad actors are becoming more sophisticated and better funded. Unfortunately, employees and contractors, whether wittingly or not, are a reliable and growing entry point. Organizations face the risk of sabotage, fraud, espionage and stolen/leaked data more than ever. Learn practical steps your organization can take to mitigate cybersecurity risks. 

Join us for a robust discussion with McIndoe Risk Advisory on the insider threat landscape. We’ll discuss root causes, prevailing concerns, potential impacts and key tactics for prevention and mitigation.

Discussion Topics:

  • Trends in the insider threat landscape to expect in 2022
  • How employees become unwilling participants in insider threats
  • Why some employees become willing participants

Our Panelists:

Bruce McIndoe headshot

Bruce McIndoe, President, McIndoe Risk Advisory LLC
Bruce is a recognized leader, author and speaker in the areas of risk management, technology and intelligence. As a founder of WorldAware, one of the world’s leading open source intelligence (OSINT) providers, he led the development of the continuous risk management model (CRMM) and has been a thought leader in providing Integrated Risk Management (IRM) solutions to protect people, sites, supply, and information assets.

Bruce also developed the TRM Maturity Model (TRM3), adopted by the GBTA, and chaired the develop of the TRM3 Assessment Tool. Bruce was recognized by Business Travel News (BTN) as one of the Top 25 Most Influential Executives in the business travel industry.

Marcus Carpenter headshot

Marcus Carpenter, Insider Threat Program Manager, Leidos
Marcus develops, manages, and operates Leidos Insider Risk Management Program (IRMP). His cross-functional insider threat program, identifies and mitigates insider threats against Leidos critical assets. Potential threats include espionage, fraud, sabotage, workplace violence, reputational damage, and theft or loss of intellectual property/proprietary information.

Marcus received his Insider Threat Program Manager certificate from Carnegie Mellon University. He is also a Certified Information Systems Security Professional as well as a certified Project Management Professional.

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