McKesson Case Study: Improving Efficiency and Response Time

Eliminating Noise And Increasing Analyst Capacity

McKesson’s Global Security Operations Team evaluates a significant volume of incoming risk events. Over time they had built and purchased many different risk intelligence products and monitoring systems. Each system was an island unto itself, with its own data, processes, and workflow. The GSOC team had difficulty monitoring numerous screens, maps, and reports.

While trying to manage dozens of disconnected systems, the McKesson Global Security Team was overwhelmed with data that sometimes hindered more timely responses to risk events. High-value actionable data was commingled with less important data that had little or no strategic protection impact.

McKesson needed to aggregate risk intelligence from many sources, without the noise. They needed to visualize only the real potential threats in proximity to McKesson assets. And they needed a means to rapidly assess and respond appropriately.

The McKesson security team chose the TopoONE platform. In only 90 days, McKesson:

  • Increased Security Operations efficiency by 30%
  • Reduced SOP task time by 50%
  • Doubled the number of alerts receiving a response in less than 20 minutes
  • Improved executive confidence by 40%.

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About the SEC Solution Innovation Case Study

The Security Executive Council (SEC) Solution Innovation Partner program evolved as a means for practitioners to choose a trustworthy risk mitigation provider with confidence when there is a myriad of options in the marketplace.

This SEC Solution Innovation Case Study offers a proven process approach for mitigating risk(s) online that could result in injury or impairment of people, assets, critical processes, products and/or brand reputation. This proof point examines representative risk issues, mitigations and result outcomes as validated by the Security Executive Council and the end-user.

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