How to Prepare for Complex Physical Security Improvements

Recorded 7 May 2021

As organizations plan to implement physical security improvements to advance their team’s capabilities, the great variety of technologies and options can seem overwhelming. Complex physical security improvements must balance strategic risk reduction, immediate needs, long-term strategy, and other organizational factors. Clear communication on project goals is essential because implementation requires multiple parties, including colleagues and external vendors.

How should security management start with defining the goals for security improvement without getting stuck in the weeds?

In the recording below, security engineering expert Mark Schreiber answers this question and explains an efficient and repeatable process for implementing physical security improvements. This recording is recommended for any organizations considering physical security improvements in the next 12 months.

Discussion Topics:

  • Assessing and documenting business and legal/regulatory requirements that drive security improvements
  • Connecting planned physical security improvements to the organizational goals
  • How to develop functional requirements for security improvements, based on risk assessments and analysis
  • Applying industrial security principles, such as the 5Ds, layered security, CIA, and continuous security
  • Identifying security improvement goals that require technology advancements
  • The team approach: internal peers and external consultants/advisors
  • Key considerations such as CPTED, lighting, hardening, and others.


Our Presenter:

Mark Schreiber, CPP is the President and Principal Consultant for Safeguards Consulting, a security design and consulting firm in Greenville, South Carolina. Mr. Schreiber’s security career has spanned over 20 years in design and consulting roles within the engineering and construction industry. For the majority of this time, he has directly been responsible for the complete design of large enterprise physical security systems from conception to design completion and oversight.

Mr. Schreiber is a regular speaker and trainer for the security industry, presenting at multiple industry events; including ASIS International, ISC West, ISC East, FBI Infragard, IAHSS, ISSA, NCMS, AIA, ALEAN, RIMS, etc. He has earned the Certified Protection Professional (CPP®) certification as certified by ASIS International. Mark is also a dedicated volunteer for the industry and is currently a Council Vice President and Assistant Regional Vice President for ASIS International.

Mr. Schreiber has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering Technology and also holds multiple training certifications for a variety of systems and equipment from multiple manufacturers. He has extensive experience in physical security system design and engineering, involving all aspects of physical security systems, from door contacts to counter drone systems. Mr. Schreiber previously worked around the globe for Fluor Daniel supporting Fortune 500 clients with the construction and upgrades of their enterprise-plus facilities. Mr. Schreiber has also earned the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Professional Designation (CPD) and has practiced CPTED in many industrial environments.

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