Many organizations understand the value of a data-driven security intelligence function, but struggle with key aspects such as making a business case or taking first steps.

At GSX+, cofounder Phil Harris and experienced security leader Bob Pocica will explain practical steps security leaders can take to secure budget, pick the right teams, and align their security intelligence function with the organization’s bottom line.

How to Implement an Intelligence Function in a GSOC will feature real-world strategies from seasoned corporate security executives. Bob and Phil will explain how to connect security to business objectives, which programs need intelligence first, launching with a phased rollout, matching technology to key needs, and other topics.

Join us at GSX+

While an organization’s revenue drivers, and characteristics ultimately drive decision-making, Bob and Phil will share concepts that apply across industries. One focus is data – the lifeblood of threat intelligence – which you can use not only to identify threats, establish benchmarks, and prove the value of security intelligence.

How to Implement an Intelligence Function in a GSOC will debut at GSX+ on 24 September 2020.

Can’t make it then? The presentation will be available GSX+ On-Demand library through 31 December 2020.