The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has tragically claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. As it spreads, it threatens thousands more and is creating numerous challenges for businesses, governments and NGOs. Thanks to the infection data provided by the World Health Organization, we were able to visualize confirmed cases, deaths and recoveries in just a few minutes. is providing these global coronavirus tracking maps as a public service to security and business continuity teams. We have included this global coronavirus tracking map in TopoONETM software.

For the United States we offer a COVID-19 Briefing Dashboard, which we have published as a public service in recognition of the dedicated security professionals and healthcare providers working diligently to keep us safe.

Click here to learn about our interactive COVID-19 map of the United States.

Image does not depict current pandemic data. Click to learn about our interactive COVID-19 map

It includes confirmed cases, deaths and recoveries, along with other metrics at the county level. We have color-coded the map to identify ‘hot spots’ and differentiate between counties with higher or lower confirmed cases.  We have also added closure data, including shelter in place or stay at home orders, non-essential business and school closures, and National Guard activations.