Factal Alerts Integrated with TopoONE Software

Factal and Topo.ai are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to better serve customers with security operations. Factal alerts have been integrated in TopoONETM software, providing a joint threat intelligence and common operating picture option for corporate security teams.

“We have been very impressed by the speed at which Factal is able to report verified incidents related to breaking news events,” said Steve McGraw, CEO of Topo.ai. “Factal’s solution makes it easy to filter alerts and signals based on topic, severity, or other criteria. We believe security teams need the freedom to choose their alerting providers based on business needs, and Factal is one they ought to consider.”

“Topo.ai has rapidly developed a very good reputation in this industry based on their dedication to customer success and the flexibility their software provides,” said Charlie Tillinghast, Cofounder and CEO of Factal. “They have redefined the common operating picture by including visualization, workflow, and analytics in their core offering. I am unaware of any other vendors offering the same sort of performance out of the box.”

The partnership was an obvious step between like-minded companies. Both organizations focus on filtering out the noise of irrelevant or chatty alerts so security teams can focus on true threat signals. This empowers operators and analysts to respond faster and more efficiently, which is critical when every moment counts.

The companies have conducted a demonstration of joint capabilities, including Factal alerts integrated in TopoONE software. Watch the recording here.

Factal blends AI technology with a 24/7 newsroom of experienced journalists to enable global organizations to see precisely where and how they’re at risk in real time. Factal was created by the founders of Breaking News, an innovative service formerly offered by MSNBC Interactive.

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