Fact Finding: Investigative Interview Fundamentals

Broadcast Date and Time:
Wed. December 8, 2021
2:00 – 3:00 PM ET

Traditionally considered a focus of Loss Prevention, effective investigative interview skills are essential for Security, Human Resources, Compliance, and other professionals as well.

Learn best practices for conducting professional and effective investigative interviews from our panel of experts.

Investigative interviews are a crucial tool for organizations to gather information for security, human resources, and legal/regulatory purposes. This includes pre-employment screenings, due diligence, investigations, and more.
In the corporate or business setting, investigative interviews must be conducted with respect, sensitivity, and professionalism.

There are fundamental principles for effective investigative interviews that security professionals can use. These techniques are backed by research as well as real-world experience. These principles can be used to address the lifecycle of personnel risk and other fact-finding initiatives.

Join us for this live webinar, where we will discuss proven techniques for professional and effective investigative interviews. Our panelists have decades of experience in corporate security, investigations, and employment background screenings.

Discussion Topics:

  • How to use techniques such as behavioral interviews and SCAN for effective investigations
  • Securing HR/leadership buy-in for investigative interview policies and methods
  • Research-backed methods for gathering information and identifying deception
  • Techniques and the latest technologies for screening counterproductive workplace behaviors

This broadcast is recommended for corporate security, loss prevention, human resources, compliance, and other professionals who conduct or take part in investigations or use investigative interviews to gather information.

Join us for this dynamic panel discussion where seasoned investigators share their experience and proven techniques.

Our Panelists:

Alan Saquella, CPP
Professor of Interview and Interrogation Techniques and Tactics, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University College of Business, Security and Intelligence
Former Director of Security & Investigations for Cox Communications Inc.
More than 25 years of experience in corporate, white-collar and criminal investigations
Certified Polygraph Examiner.

Russ Law
EVP, Verensics
Former Corporate Security Advisor, ExxonMobil Global Security
Twenty-two years of experience in corporate security.

Andy Neiner, PhD
Professor, Department of Psychological Science at Kennesaw State University
Forty years of experience developing employment tests.
Member, Society of Industrial-Organizational Psychology (SIOP)
Lifetime Member, American Psychological Association (APA).

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