Enterprise Security Use Cases

The TopoONETM platform ingests risk intelligence from subscription-based and OSINT data feeds to create a common operating picture for security operations and fusion centers. Overlaid against personnel and assets, this information is presented in a visual and highly actionable format to power a variety of enterprise security use cases.

Physical Security Information Management

Monitor access controls, alarms, temperature alerts and other risks to people, places and products.

Security operations centers in diverse industries leverage The TopoONE platform to track hyperlocal threats to offices, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, retail locations and field service teams. GSOCs can filter out the noise and focus only on high-impact alerts such as threats to life-safety or valuable inventory. They can collaborate with local security personnel as part of a coordinated response.

COVID-19 Risk Mitigation and Operational Strategy

Guide life-safety and operational decisions with location-specific risk and regulatory data.

The TopoONE platform displays a wide array infection data alongside state or municipal orders and guidelines. This comprehensive dashboard provides an enterprise perspective of pandemic impact as well as location-specific risk levels. Security teams use this information to advise the C-Suite and determine where and when operations can be safely conducted.

Event Security

Assess and respond to potential disruptions to employee and customer events.

Customers rely on the TopoONE platform to protect crucial events such as conferences, shareholder meetings, major sporting events and more. GSOC analysts can geofence event locations for hyper-local focus on threat intelligence such as extreme weather events or menacing social media posts. They can use video feeds from local traffic cameras to ensure employees’ safe transportation and identify alternative routes.

Traveler Risk Management

Visualize and monitor potential risks to in-transit employees, including key executives.

The TopoONE platform integrates travel management software to track individual flights and hotel reservations, and to keep employees and executives on the map between bookings. Travel risk management integrations mean security officers can identify potential hazards to employees. Integration with mass communications software allows security teams to quickly notify employees of risk and advise them to shelter in place or evacuate.

Supply Chain Stability

Protect distribution centers, shipments and partners.

Corporate security teams count on the TopoONE platform to protect billions of dollars in shipments of controlled substances, electronics and other high-value loads. TopoONE brings distribution centers, partner facilities and extreme weather events onto a single pane of glass. Corporate security teams can monitor individual shipments, including unauthorized stops or deviations from planned routes, and communicate directly with drivers to reduce the risk of cargo theft.

Business Continuity and Resilience

Make agile decisions based on changing conditions and multiple data sources.

Fusion centers use the TopoONE platform to make crucial life-safety and operational decisions through periods of turbulence and uncertainty. By consolidating risk intelligence and rich datasets into a common operating picture, security leaders can brief executives and guide strategic decision-making based on their organization’s mission statement and risk tolerance.