Customer Benefits

Corporate security teams are often flooded by incoming alerts from various systems, each with their own screens and processes. TopoONETM software integrates disparate alerting and communication systems into one common mapping, workflow and reporting platform that is highly configurable to a given organization’s needs and risk profile. Corporate security teams use to triage threat intelligence, escalate severe incidents, ensure compliant processes, and assess risk, operational impact and team performance.

Here are some real-world benefits experienced by customers.

Faster, more consistent responses:

  • Aggregated intelligence: Duty of care is core to any security team’s mandate, but protecting employees, executives and fans during high-visibility events requires a high degree of organization and sophistication. Learn how the NFL leveraged TopoONE to secure the Big Game.
  • Faster responses: Many corporate security teams are unable to measure analyst response times. Prior to implementation, multi-hour average response times were commonplace for one customer, and less than half their risk alerts received a response within 20 minutes. Three months later: the average daily response time is only 6:20, and 94% of alerts receive a response within 20 minutes.
  • Fewer steps: Consistent workflow is efficient workflow. One customer estimates a 50% reduction in the time needed to execute the steps related to SOPs. Another customer has documented significant reductions in the number of clicks needed to accomplish key tasks (i.e., from 11 to just 2 clicks).
  • Improved productivity & cross-functional teams: Efficiencies gained in one customer GSOC have increased security analyst capacity by 30%. This added bandwidth has enabled the team to begin cross-training analysts on multiple security functions.

Strategic impact of the GSOC:

  • Guided COVID-19 strategy: COVID-19 impacts and government responses vary dramatically between locations. Using detailed county-level data, our GSOC customers became the most trusted source of health intelligence and operational guidance. Learn how our customers use our COVID-19 briefing dashboard.
  • Identified strengths & areas for improvement: One customer’s confidence in its ability to assess, prevent, respond, and recover from threats and risks improved from a 5 to a 7 out of 10.
  • Improved compliance and risk mitigation: By filtering out the noise caused by chatty alerts that don’t require GSOC intervention, customers can focus on actionable intel that makes a difference. An example: identifying non-compliant carriers of high-value shipments and correcting the behavior.
  • Data-driven security team: Management now has detailed analytics for better workforce management and more informative executive briefings.

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