Critical Event Management Software for Corporate Security Teams

Businesses face many risks of varying severity – and some sort of critical event is all but inevitable. provides critical event management software that delivers real-time situational awareness, collaborative workflow and automated reporting on a single pane of glass.

Your risk profile is complex. Simplify your critical event management with

A consolidated view of critical events
Corporate security teams are bombarded with a variety of risk alerts from disparate systems such as subscription-based notifications, OSINT tools, access controls and more. aggregates these internal and external feeds onto an interactive map in proximity to your offices, fixed and in-motion assets, personnel and partners to establish a common operating picture. This means your security team can rapidly assess the severity of the threat and potential impacts to your organization.

A rapid, coordinated response
Information isn’t enough for critical event management – it must be immediately actionable and shareable. The solution lets your team act instantly using a uniform ‘triage-and-respond’ workflow. Built-in collaboration tools allow your analysts and operators to work as a team to mitigate impact and minimize operational disruptions. even integrates with your mass communication and incident management systems so your team doesn’t need to toggle between screens and systems.

Automated reporting and analytics
Critical event management is more than mitigating or neutralizing a threat – key aspects include: identifying ongoing risks and vulnerabilities, assessing team performance, determining operational impacts and identifying areas for improvement. software includes an integrated audit trail to make sure SOPs were properly followed to promote compliance. It also provides analytics for data-driven insights and board-ready reporting to demonstrate the crucial role your security team plays in protecting the organization.

Critical event management software: end-to-end, out of the box
There are many tools corporate security teams can use for critical event management, but only brings them together on a single pane of glass for actionable insights, uniform and compliant responses, and a high-performance security team.