Interactive COVID-19 Map and Infection Data

Requires Google Chrome. Click image to launch COVID-19 Briefing Dashboard (no download/login required).

Updated 1 April 2020, 10:00 PM ET is providing this interactive COVID-19 map and infection data to support our peers in the security industry. We are visualizing this information within TopoONE software and will update the map on a daily basis using the best available data. Use our intuitive COVID-19 dashboard to:

  • Identify emerging COVID-19 ‘hot spots’ and newly affected US counties
  • Mitigated risk to your distributed workforce
  • Assess supply chain stability and potential disruptions
  • View changes and trends over time
  • NEW: examine shelter in place orders, school and non-essential business closures, National Guard Activations

Our security and business continuity customers use this data to prepare daily situation reports and to conduct executive briefings.  Special thanks to the World Health Organization, CDC and various public health departments for their hard work on the front lines of this pandemic, and for providing this valuable data.

Our experts can teach you to use our COVID-19 briefing dashboard in about 10 minutes. Contact us to schedule a brief personal tutorial.