Is Your Company Considering COVID-19 Detection Dogs?

An experienced trainer shares his insights In an effort to return to operations, some organizations are considering the use of trained canines to detect SARS-Cov2. This option may be appealing to organizations interested in quickly screening large numbers of people. Highly trained working dog teams have proven effective in detecting weapons, explosives, and narcotics; tracking […]

A Primer on COVID-19 Testing Options

Presented by Rodney W. Forsman Asst. Professor Emeritus, Laboratory Medicine and Pathology College of Medicine and Science, Mayo Clinic Safe and reliable COVID-19 testing strategies can be challenging for organizations to develop and implement. Many companies rely on temperature screening for employees and customers, but this approach has limited effectiveness. Some states presume that […]

COVID-19 Data for Security and Business Continuity Teams

Months into the coronavirus pandemic, there is an abundance of available COVID-19 data for security and business continuity teams. The challenge: often this data is fragmented across multiple sources and presented out of context. Because the state of the pandemic varies dramatically between locations (even within a single state), security professionals are left with hours […]

Reopening Safely: Key Intelligence, Decisions and Considerations

Broadcast Tuesday July 14, 2020 Security experts from The Chertoff Group and The NFL share their advice on adaptable COVID strategies. VIEW RECORDING Free Webcast Featuring Experts From The Chertoff Group and The NFL COVID-19 has produced many negative impacts, among them diminished earnings and significant disruptions of traditional business models. For some organizations, perpetual […]

A Data-Driven Approach to Managing COVID-19 Reopening Risks

Free Tools and Resources Security mandates have been dramatically altered throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Corporate security teams find themselves in a leadership role with respect to managing COVID-19 reopening risks. This page aggregates best practices and helpful resources for companies considering whether and when to reopen. It is geared toward guidance and contributions that security […]

What COVID-19 is Teaching Us About All-Hazard Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Broadcast Tues. April 28, 2020 Lessons learned from COVID-19 and a framework for building executive support for security initiatives. VIEW RECORDING Presented by Security Executive Council and The COVID-19 pandemic has rightfully been the top priority for corporate security teams over the past several weeks. As the mandate has shifted, so too have security […]

Global Coronavirus Tracking Map

Thanks to the infection data provided by the World Health Organization, we were able to visualize confirmed cases, deaths and recoveries in just a few minutes.

Assessing Hyperlocal COVID-19 Risk is visualizing COVID-19 infection data provided by the WHO, CDC, state health departments and other organizations within TopoONE software.