How to Maximize Efficiency and Impact in Physical Security

Security teams are often tasked to do more with less. Security leaders at these organizations must think creatively. They must determine the best combination of technology, processes, and people to fulfill their mandates and advocate for additional resources to expand their programs. They must determine the best way to maximize efficiency and impact in physical […]

Transitioning to Corporate Security: Resources for Veterans and Law Enforcement

Transitioning to corporate security can be an excellent career choice if you have served in the military or as a law enforcement officer. Many private sector organizations need the skills you developed and honed in the public sector. Corporate security professionals have created a generous community that offers guidance and assistance to veterans, agents, and […]

How a Common Operating Picture Can Demonstrate ROI for Your Physical Security Program

This article was compiled based on the guidance of security leaders at Fortune 500 companies. It is the second in a series on security technology and ROI. If you have additional suggestions to make, we invite you to share them with us here. “What’s the ROI on that?” Because security budget is often owned by different business […]

Is Your Company Considering COVID-19 Detection Dogs?

An experienced trainer shares his insights In an effort to return to operations, some organizations are considering the use of trained canines to detect SARS-Cov2. This option may be appealing to organizations interested in quickly screening large numbers of people. Highly trained working dog teams have proven effective in detecting weapons, explosives, and narcotics; tracking […]