Our Goal: Successful Security Operations for Every Customer

We are dedicated to making our customers heroes by supporting successful security operations for every client. We are successful only if our customers are successful. From partnering with customers across many industries, we know that no two security programs are exactly alike. We work closely with each of our customers to understand the unique needs of their security operations centers. We make it faster and more efficient for them to mitigate risks to life-safety and company assets. We configure the TopoONE platform to match their processes and procedures. And we help them use data to demonstrate the many contributions of their security operations.

Successful security operations require a detailed understanding of the organization

Our first priority: understanding our customers’ business drivers, security mandates, technology infrastructure, and pain points. We focus on this information-gathering long before a customer begins implementing the TopoONE platform. We design an implementation plan based on many factors, such as the size of the security operations team, existing and planned sources of threat intelligence, company security initiatives, and priorities.

Before customers partner with us, they are often flooded by incoming alerts from various systems, each with their own screens and processes. This creates a situation where security analysts receive too much information, including irrelevant alerts. Frequently these analysts must also piece together time-consuming response processes, such as copying and pasting data between systems. We shift this paradigm by consolidating these different data feeds and processes in one platform.

Healthcare Ready is proud to partner with during our emergency response activations. continues to provide us with powerful data that plays an important part in shaping our response efforts to help protect patient health during times of crisis.
Healthcare Ready easily integrates multiple data points into a single map, but most importantly, it provides analysts and managers with the ability to evaluate multiple key performance indicator metrics to improve operations and report value-add to senior leaders.
Tony Rivera • McKesson
TopoONE software delivers faster speed to recognition and speed to resolution. Our board understands how TopoONE informs business decisions.
Security Leader at Multinational Insurer
I trust Trust is a huge factor and I felt, from the start, that they would do what they said they would do – and they have delivered above expectations. The ability of to create operational efficiencies for McKesson Security Operations has been huge.
Ed Shubert • McKesson

A phased implementation, based on customer programs and priorities

We help each customer tailor their TopoONETM instance to match the priorities of their security operations. We provide different training and customer support options to match customer needs.

We typically recommend a phased implementation approach that helps security teams address key challenges and business objectives. We begin by mapping the customer assets which must be protected. Using custom colors and icons, we make it easy to understand which types of assets are included within the common operating picture.

Next we add different subscription and open-source intelligence feeds. This includes our shared intelligence library, which provides TopoONE customers a growing collection of OSINT feeds as part of their subscription.

We create filters and automations for threat intelligence and other risk data so that only the important, potentially impactful alerts are displayed. This customization drives effortless comprehension and efficient response.

Depending on a customer’s mandate, we help the GSOC team create different situational awareness maps as part of their common operating picture. These maps display intelligence for different use cases, such as critical event management, travel risk, supply chain stability, and more.

We design each customer’s workflow to match existing processes and standard operating procedures. We include automation where helpful – for example, to automatically escalate severe alerts.

One of our most important objectives is empowering our customers to understand their security programs by the numbers.  We provide automated team performance metrics such as mean time to respond. We also create more comprehensive reports that help our customers better understand the types of threats they face, and the impacts these threats have upon their assets.

Ongoing support for successful security operations

The business world is dynamic, and security teams must mitigate risks in a business climate that evolves rapidly. Security programs and priorities change over time. We designed the TopoONE platform to accommodate this reality, and we take the same approach with our customer success program.

As customers identify new intelligence sources or priorities, we help them modify their common operating picture, workflows, and reports as needed. We teach our customers to make these changes themselves, in realtime, using features like the TopoONE Workbench

We are constantly adding capabilities and intelligence feeds to the TopoONE platform. We work closely with our customers to make sure they receive the maximum benefit from each new feature. We identify and share best practices between our customers to foster collaboration and continuous improvement.