The team are world renowned pioneers in real time processing of geospatial data.   We were the first to develop the geospatial risk technology to ingest a wide variety of data feeds such weather, fires, floods, earthquakes, local news and Internet of Things (IoT). We integrate and display all your risk alerts alongside your locations, assets and personnel with crucial contextual information on an interactive map.

At we are now applying this geospatial risk technology to better manage internal and external alerts across the enterprise by prioritizing and managing only the appropriate threats. Our best in class technology will help eliminate noise and allow you to rapidly and accurately identify the true threat signals.

We empower your security team to assess, address and analyze risk events using our Interactive Threat Map, rapid-response workflow and automated reporting. This not only supports uniform, compliant responses across the organization, it enables your GSOC to anticipate potential threats and proactively mitigate risk.