A Primer on COVID-19 Testing Options

Presented by Rodney W. Forsman
Asst. Professor Emeritus, Laboratory Medicine and Pathology
College of Medicine and Science, Mayo Clinic

Safe and reliable COVID-19 testing strategies can be challenging for organizations to develop and implement. Many companies rely on temperature screening for employees and customers, but this approach has limited effectiveness.

Some states presume that essential workers who contract COVID-19 did so at work, creating implications for workers compensation insurance. This creates additional pressure on those companies to have effective screening strategies.

The validity of a given test depends on sensitivity and specificity, as well as when it was conducted. There have been shortages of necessary supplies, and results may take days to report. Pool testing, recently approved by the FDA, offers a more efficient approach but is poorly understood by the public at large.

Topo.ai is pleased to present this live COVID-19 testing primer. Rod will explain the difference between tests, how to evaluate their utility, describe the significance of pool testing, and address questions from the audience.

Learning objectives:

  • Pros and cons of different COVID-19 tests
  • The benefits and efficiency of pool testing
  • Which testing options best fit your organization’s needs and risk tolerance
  • Criteria for selecting a lab to conduct/process your tests

About our Presenter:
Rodney Forsman is a member of the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. He participated in the expansion of that laboratory practice from a local outreach program to one serving thousands of hospitals worldwide. His roles have touched on nearly every aspect of laboratory service from technical operations to administration. Rod has met with laboratorians and C-level hospital administration in all 50 states and observed their unique challenges while communicating successful approaches to capitalizing upon outreach development opportunities for their own laboratories. He directed a three-day ACCME accredited workshop on the subject of “Community Laboratory Insourcing” which was convened 25 times since 1996. These workshops have been attended by more than 2,000 physicians, administrators, and managers.

Rod has delivered more than 500 lectures to professional meetings on various aspects of laboratory management. He is recognized as a strident communicator of the value of the clinical laboratory in medicine and has lectured on that subject in Canada, Portugal, South Africa, Russia, Mexico, Germany, United Arab Emirates and the U.S to international audiences of medical directors. He has more than 50 publications on scientific and management topics. He is a member of the American Association of Clinical Chemistry, The American College of Health Care Executives, and is a past President of the Clinical laboratory Management Association.

Rod has conducted numerous consulting engagements with health system executives regarding laboratory management, integration, operational and strategic business opportunities.  He has been retained by major investment firms as an advisor on current laboratory trends.

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